Green tinged clouds rolled in from the east.
Snug and dry in a cubby half way to the sky,
Gordon eyed a chocolate crackle men feast;
until a lightning scorched gully
become a raging dam of flame.
Hail stones bombed it tame.

As steam clouds scorched the canopy
Gordon’s little sister Caitlyn appeared.
‘what makes lightning’
she asked her professor of everything
from where babies come from
to the migratory habits of fairies.

He replied ‘Some say lightning comes from Thor
bashing the fire from dragons.
They’re wrong.
It’s the ghosts who killed Casper electrocuting angels.
Lightning is their veins burning.’

While Caitlyn screamed for mummy, Gordon
began a new game.
With a beheaded mop, he became Donatello
of Ninja Turtle fame;
smashing meteors with his bo staff,
too quick for the human eye to pry,
except frame by frame.