Blood for Fuel

Blood for fuel, a generation of genocide,
blood for fuel, freedom and hell collide.

During World War Two, the East Timorese
were as brave as mice wrestling pythons,
in support of Aussie guerrilla forces
combatting the Japanese.
If future Australian governments
showed their gratitude,
a stoned chimp invented trigonometry,
shortly after Nigeria
sent Sputnik to the surface of Mercury.

Blood for fuel, a generation of genocide,
blood for fuel, freedom and hell collide.

In 75,’ Radio Kupang
was about as subtle as the big bang,
with suggestive bursts of machine fire.
Before the invasion,
Indonesian codes were rendered as readable,
as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
To Suharto’s delight,
the U.S gave the green light
for Indonesian forces to shoot, bomb
and napalm their way through
a third of the East Timorese population.

Blood for fuel, a generation of genocide,
blood for fuel, freedom and hell collide.

Successive Australian governments knew the story
like a pimp knows his way around a brothel.
They felt stealing Timor Gap oil
was more worth their toil
than aiding our south east Asian little brother.
East Timor was declared too poor for independence.
That’s as ironic as a Pol Pot memorial peace prize,
as absurd as Trump claiming the Pulitzer Prize.
It’s a story as nauseating
as snorting a gram of uranium.

Blood for fuel, a generation of genocide,
blood for fuel, freedom and hell collide.


Time Warp

The SS has the house surrounded,
I hear boots crunch the gravel drive,
to them I’m a mongrel impounded.
The terror’s in how long I’ll be alive,
Zyklon awaits, I’m frozen, grounded.

My legs are flailing in useless terror,

there won’t be any counter attack,
or convincing them they’re in error,
not with my I.D tattooed in black.

My mother’s words broke through
and I realized it was 1986 not 1942.
Below the US AGAINST  THEM slogan,
on my track top,
were Soviet and U.S rockets,
side by side like Olympic athletes.

I was destined to learn ‘democracy’
isn’t brain washing free,
that every country has its NAZI’S,
and it means nothing
that there’s no goosestepping going on
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Captured Disciple

After gruesome tales
of a scalpel with my name on it,
I told them what they wanted to hear.

Now the horizon is steel within arm’s reach,
fluorescent lights are my never setting sun
and the monthly disinfecting is my calendar.

The stench of fear fills the corridor.
It could be months, could be minutes
until the silhouette of a man with a hacksaw files past.
Eventually I’ll hear the screams of the amputee to be.

While others beg for a rose lined cobbled lane,
I’ve learnt to leave my body, detach from pain.
My soul drifts to Birdman’s lakeside perch.
He swoops magpies, clearing the oyster racks
by a canoe width.
Someday I’ll plunge into those frigid depths.

The Palestinian Disciple

“The yellow dwarf grows pale on the run”
warns a footpath thought bubble.
A scarf conceals Ahmed’s shrapnel disfigured face.
His coffin is destined to be
a likeness of his change filled instrument case.
ne eyed, three legged, dogs look on
as he strums his battered guitar,
in dappled Frangipani light.
A traffic jam of tears crowds his gaunt cheeks.
Ahmed’s soaring riffs are as spectacular
a fighter plane’s aerial gymnastics.
voice is the melancholic intensity
that gives the blues its name.

“Every day, despair and I fight a duel,
fresh agony has become my only fuel.
In a world with endless horrors to lament
darkness stalks with murderous intent.

No need to mention Vietnam or Korea
to show Uncle Sam believes
mass murder is the ultimate panacea.

The American corporate shark
has slaughtered without mercy,
from Wounded Knee to Iraq.

Spreading democracy with bombs,
spreading democracy with bombs,
spreading democracy with bombs.

In ‘88 Warship Vincennes was USS Disgrace
after obliterating an Iranian passenger plane,
that never strayed into forbidden airspace.

In eighty six the US ignored world court jurisdiction
by bombing more Nicaraguan clinics and schools
and claiming it was entirely accidents and fiction.

In sixty five thousands of Dominicans were intent
on reinstating their democratically elected president,
United States invaders gunned them into the cement.

With avalanches of lies we’ve always been cheated.
Before the A-Bombs hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki
the Japanese were on the brink of being defeated.

By June 45 they sought an honourable surrender.
The Bomb was for scaring Russia from East Asia,
forget tales from the US myth making blender.

No need to mention Vietnam or Korea
to show Uncle Sam believes mass murder
is the ultimate panacea.

The American corporate shark
has slaughtered without mercy,
from Wounded Knee to Iraq. 

Spreading democracy with bombs,
spreading democracy with bombs,
spreading democracy with bombs;
spreading the flaming wreckage
of democracy from Chile to Vietnam.

The hairs on the back of the audience’s neck
rise to salute a man who refuses to fall,
as he gallops along the crumbling ridgeline
between death and insanity.

The growing crowd spills into the park across the road
as Ahmed unleashes his latest midnight purge.

“Terrorism versus terrorism

There was no attempt to defuse the situation,
the Israeli Attack Force opted for escalation.
A man in a wheelchair, wearing a white flag,
was shot like he’s as worthless as welding slag.

Terrorism versus terrorism

The sheer absurdity of your absolute denial
is the most hideous joke I’ve heard in a while.
You are one of those condescending nerds,
changing the subject and twisting my words.
No longer am I trapped in the gouging bind,
formed by your patriotism enfeebled mind.

Terrorism versus terrorism

Never deliberately harmed a civilian you say?
Using them as shields contradicts that Fay!
The war archives contain no shortage of files
of houses annihilated by helicopter missiles.
Armored bulldozers ruining civilian homes
is also recorded often enough to fill tomes.
Ambulances were shot at, blocked for days,
the news coats your eyes in dogmatic glaze.

In this evil world there’s enough to despise,
without the torment of vicious occupiers lies.

In the back row gloom,
a senator decides parliament needs another independent.
Cracks appear in the ghastly bubble of ignorance
enveloping an illegal settlement developer.

Amidst darker shadows, The Chameleon is resolute
as he observes the magnetism of his latest recruit.
On the side of the courthouse he sprays his tribute.

Police officers approach.
He accelerates into a maze of lane ways
and storm water drains.
The speed camera by the 40km/hr sign
cannot peer beneath his mask.






Terrorism Versus Terrorism

Human Rights Watch: Israel, the Occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Authority Territories, Volume 14, Number 2, May, 2002

Houses in Jenin refugee camp hit by Israeli helicopter missiles (p 3).

Armoured bulldozers demolished the homes of innocent civilians to provide easier access for Israeli Defence Force vehicles. These demolitions continued well beyond this ruthless yet practical strategy (p 3-4).

On April 10, Kmal Zgheir, a 57 year old wheel chair bound man, was shot dead by an Israeli soldier and run over by a tank, despite the white flag attached to his chair (p 4)

Israeli soldiers used Palestinian civilians as human shields (p 4-5).

Israeli soldiers obstructed and shot at ambulances (p 5)

Illan Pappe, A History of Modern Palestine, 2005

A brief description of the use of excessive force and collective punishment used by the IDF, in the April 2002 attack on Jenin refugee camp, in retaliation for recent suicide bombings (p 287-288)


Democracy is Not Spread With Bombs

Wounded Knee Massacre

The Wikipedia Summary of the Wounded Knee Massacre states that estimates of the Sioux death toll range from 150 to 300, with 51 wounded. 31 soldiers died and 33 were wounded. Any suggestion that the Sioux started the battle is dubious because they were so vastly outnumbered and unarmed women and children were among them.


William Blum, Rogue State, A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower, 2006

President Clinton’s 1998 State of the Union address, during which he declared the need to prevent outlaw states, terrorists and organized criminals from acquiring chemical and biological weapons. Ironically the United States supplied Iraq with a variety of such weapons, such as Bacillus Anthracis, the cause of Anthrax (p 158-159,

The US installation of the Baath regime in Iraq in 1963 to prevent the nationalisation of the Iraqi Petroleum Company, which the United States had a major share in (p 172-3)

The bombing of Iraq, including the use of depleted uranium weapons, during the 1990/91 Gulf War. The continuing of the bombing raids, right up until the 2003 Iraq War, under the guise of enforcing the so called no fly zones. The deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure (p 206-207).

The reality that the vast majority of Iraqis were better off when Saddam Hussein was in power than they were under American rule. The reality that the invasion was motivated by the desire to expand the American Empire, provide business opportunities and control Iraq’s oil resources (p 218-9)

The US bombing of a baby food factory during the 1990/91 Gulf War and the attempt to convince the public it was a biological weapons facility (p 308).

Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival, America’s Quest for Global Dominance, 2004

The damage done to Iraqi society, during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, by the economic sanctions, which affected the general population but not Saddam Hussein and his cronies who were permitted to stay in power (p 140-143)

The US refusal to allow an independent government in Iraq and their insistence on invading in 2003, even if Saddam Hussein and his associates left the country (p 140-143)

U.S fears that if the Shiite majority were permitted to form a government in Iraq they would establish close ties with Iran (p 140-143)

Madelaine Albright’s claim that the deaths of half a million children in Iraq, due to the economic sanctions was worth it.


Geoffrey Robertson QC, Crimes Against Humanity, The Struggle For Global Justice

US support of General Pinochet’s military coup against Salvadore Allende’s democratically elected socialist government (p 47)

General Pinochet’s atrocities during and after the coup and Henry Kissinger, the US secretary of State under Nixon’s, sympathy with his plight (p 332-334)

The United States backed overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile and the economic disaster that ensued.

Dominican Republic

William Blum, Rogue State, A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower, 2006

The U.S military campaign to oust Juan Bosch, the democratically elected leader of the Dominican Republic, in September 1963 and to crush the popular uprising that aimed to put Bosch back into power in 1965. Bosch was the first democratically elected leader of Dominica since 1924. Declaring his country to be independent from the United States was among his mistakes in Washington’s eyes. (p 179-180).

Geoffrey Robertson QC, Crimes Against Humanity, The Struggle For Global Justice

The false claim that Juan Bosch was a communist and the absurdity of the belief that America has the right to invade a country and overthrow its government on the basis of its alleged communist nature (p 48) 


Newsweek, August 15, 1989.

George Bush Senior commenting on U.S Warship Vincennes shooting down of an Iranian airliner that killed all 290 passengers ‘I will never apologize for the United States of America. I don’t care what the facts are.’

Iran marks the 27th anniversary of the downing of an Iranian passenger plane, by U.S Warship Vincennes, which killed all 290 passengers on board, including 66 children. The United States government continues to claim it was an accident.

How could a battleship with sophisticated radar confuse a passenger plane with an F-14, which is a third its size? (1:33-1:38)

The United States Government describes the loss of life as regrettable but won’t go as far as apologizing. To this day nobody has been penalised for what was an atrociously reckless mistake at best, one which many suspicious lies were told about (5:15 – 6:56)

Airbus Flight 655 was shot down over Iranian territorial waters, was not descending as claimed and was actually veering away from the American Naval ships at the time it was fired upon (36:04-36:45)


William Blum, Rogue State, A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower, 2006

According to Blum, the real motivation for dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was to intimidate the Russians out of invading Japan. America ignored Japan’s attempts to surrender months before the nuclear attacks, on the condition that the monarchy be retained (p-14)  

H.P Wilmott, The Second World War In The Far East, 1999

Wilmott’s perspective is accompanied by a range of graphs illustrating the depletion of Japan’s resources, due the American naval blockade reducing imports and the scale of destruction caused by conventional bombing. According to Wilmott these factors would’ve combined to force an unconditional surrender by November 1945, without U.S forces landing on the main Japanese Islands. He also states that, although the dropping of the atomic bombs contributed to the August surrender, Japan’s belief that the Soviets were about to invade was also a factor (p 195-209)


William Blum, Rogue State, A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower, 2006

The U.S military’s deliberate machine gunning of Korean civilians and the blowing up of bridges they were crossing (p 166).

Geoffrey Robertson QC, Crimes Against Humanity, The Struggle For Global Justice

The massacre of civilians by U.S forces at No Gun Ri and the United States Airforce’s carpet bombing of civilian targets (p 43).


William Blum, Rogue State, A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower, 2006

The US waging of war against Nicaragua from 1979-90, partly via their proxy army the Contras which raped and tortured civilians and aimed to destroy the Sandinistas social welfare programs (p 190-191)

The United States defiance of the International Court of Justice by continuing their proxy war against the Sandinista Government (p 304-305)

Geoffrey Robertson QC, Crimes Against Humanity, The Struggle For Global Justice

The US war against democracy in Nicaragua, during the 1980’s, which included the  training and funding for their proxy forces the Contras. The U.S Navy’s laying of mines outside Nicaraguan Ports and assistance with the bombing of harbours etc (p 75-76).


William Blum, Rogue State, A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower, 2006

Torture techniques the Green Berets taught their members, in preparation for the war in Vietnam, during the 1960’s (p 66)

Lightly punished and completely unpunished acts of terrorism by Vietnamese terrorists loyal to America, against their allegedly communist countrymen, in California (p 114)

The United states support for Pol Pot’s mass murderous regime, the Khmer Rouge, in Cambodia, after the Vietnamese Army overthrew them (p 117-118).

The deaths and birth defects caused by the United States use of chemical warfare during the Vietnam War (p 138-139)

The United States prevention of Vietnamese elections in 1955 because of the popularity of Ho Chi Minh (p 225)

The failure of the United States to pay for the reconstruction of what they destroyed in Vietnam and forcing Vietnam to pay for part of the cost of America’s invasion of their country (p 303-304)

Ho Chi Minh’s pleading with US President Truman for American and United Nations assistance with Vietnam gaining their independence from the French, shortly after the end of World War 2 (p 320-321)

Noam Chomsky Hegemony or Survival, America’s Quest for Global Dominance, 2004

Saturation bombing, chemical warfare and concentration camps during the Vietnam War (p 38)

Forcing Vietnam to pay reparations to the US for the Vietnam War, despite the fact the United States invaded and decimated their country (p 100-101) 

Three Hours after Midnight

The Chameleon twirls the kiak paddle
with the lightning fluency
that mesmerized and terrorized his would be killers.
His skin is a scarred blank canvas,
more alive with stories than acres of ink festivals;
his expression as inscrutable
as the quintessential poker player’s.

The storm gives chase.
The Rebel Chameleon heads for the beach,
with the boldness of the surf life saver
he was during a less abominable era.
In the blackness of an obscure cave,
he buries his craft in a shallow grave.

From vantage points above his mentors crypt,
snipers wait to fill his.
Krakatoa like fury dances across his features
and vanishes as abruptly as the lightning.
He postpones his pilgrimage once more.

Twenty four hours later he sits in a back street pub,
as anonymous as the cockroaches on the footpath;
enthralled by television news reports
of his acolytes marching against malignant greed.
There isn’t enough bullets to shoot them all.


Nobody votes for Mister Faceless
but his phone calls are worth a billion votes.
Kissinger and Nixon were among his finest servants.
He laughs at the anguished singing
of billionaire rock stars
crying out for peace and death to poverty,
for they are unwitting members of his club.
Faceless can’t remember a time
when he preferred making love to his wife
to molesting the face of Benjamin Franklin
on a one hundred dollar bill.

Generosity is a mental illness
in the mind of Mister Faceless.
Petitions sway him no more
than the screams of bomb orphaned children.
The only way to beat him is to be him,
claims his spit as it drips
from a little boy reduced to a torso.
He was an example to others
who staunchly refused to provide information
they didn’t have.

Faceless is booked in for a nightmare
with a man in a lizard skin mask.
His gaze is as penetrating as medical drill bits.
Imprinted upon his features
is every skerrick of menace and revulsion
since the sunrise of civilization.

An anaesthetist strike is relaxation therapy
compared to such attention Spike.

Rogue State

Nobody had time to wonder
about a podcast they hadn’t downloaded.
From one billion minute speakers,
The Chameleon’s voice exploded.

This is your Uncle Sam live on Patriot Radio.
It’s time for a blast from the Past.
In 1998, concerned the world would forget
Africa is a US colony, my buddy Bill
courageously ordered a Tomahawk missile strike,
on Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory, in Khartoum.

Christopher Hitchens, your claim it was a decoy
from Oval Office hanky panky
is ‘as ridiculous as a legless blind man,
winning the Indi 500,
on two wheels, in a model T Ford.

The truth is Al-Shifa manufactured nerve gas.
Journalists who say otherwise
die in accidents,
involving everything from helicopters to rocking horses.

Some reporters claim their demise
is as convenient as champagne rain
at a paupers wedding.
Those tabloid hacks ought to be shot for such slander.

One unpatriotic writer said my investigation
into the missile strike on Al-Shifa
was as laughable as Shaquille O’Neal winning
the Grand National Steeplechase,
on a chain smoking dwarf horse.’
Can’t find him for further comment, funny that.

The CIA’s proof
of nerve gas manufacture at Al-Shifa was ample.
There is no need
for more than one suspect soil sample.
Pleas for it to be independently tested
were rightly detested.

Moving right along now;
at midday I’ll be interviewing my best buddy,
the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Clan.
First, an NRA community service announcement.

‘To maintain this position of disparity…we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and daydreaming…we should cease to talk about vague and…unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standard and democratization…the day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts…The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.’ George Kennan, Director of Policy Planning US State Department 1948.

‘Never before has a single suspect soil sample prompted an act of war against a sovereign state’ former CIA official Milt Bearden


1. William Blum, Rogue State a Guide to the World’s only Superpower, 2006.

p 307-308: a brief summary of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory bombing, due to false claims that nerve gas was being manufactured there (including former CIA operative Milt Bearden’s criticism of the absurdly dubious evidence).

2. Rahul Maharajan, Full Spectrum Dominance, 2003.

p 35 – 37: the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory bombing and the fraudulent excuses for it; including the attempt to depict it as justifiable retaliation for the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.