A connection as fragile as a pansy
in the path of a Panzer
is snipped by the mandibles of your almighty schedule,
or someone with a Mercedes,
a six pack and a cash stack.
Opportunities as fake as the moon walker
and his papier mache face,
lay Sequoias across my gold brick road.
When will the mirage catcher
banish the illusion thatcher?

3 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. In this poem I liked ‘fragile as a flower in the path of a tank’ and ‘opportunities block the road like toppled sequoias’. At the end, should it be ‘illusion hatcher’? I thought it was a poem about frustration.

    1. If you want a crisper sounding rhyme it should be hatcher and if you want it to be an illusion with a conscious design opposed to something that just pops out it should be thatcher.

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