Planet Euphoria

My fingertips explore the contours of your cheeks
with the wonderment of an astronaut roaming an exoplanet.
I fondle your folds with the fascination
she examines Andromedan fossils.
In the mystical maze of our collective gaze
we join that Goddess of travel.
In her biospheric bubble
we relieve her of her pressure suit
and pleasure her for Venusian days.

2 thoughts on “Planet Euphoria

  1. There were a lot of good images here, but I was confused about how many people were in the story. There was ‘contours of your cheeks’, ‘fondle your folds’. But then it switches to ‘she examines’ rather than ‘you examine’. Also ‘our collective gaze we join that Goddess’. Later ‘we relieve her.’ So it starts off talking to, or about, a woman presumably. But then it switches focus, as if there are at least three people in the scene. Maybe I’m too pedantic, but I had to keep going back to see if I’d misunderstood something.

    1. There is a man describing how bedazzled he is by his partner and what an adventure it is to touch her. He compares exploring the contours of her face to the experience of an astronaut roaming the surface of a planet in another galaxy. Then he compares the awe inspiring feeling of touching her folds (either a bit of excess flesh or something else) to the excitement of an astronaut finding signs of prehistoric life on a distant planet. Finally he fantasizes about the female astronaut being a real person who he and his partner have an erotic adventure with on another planet. When they relieve her of her pressure suit it is what it sounds like, they undress her.

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