In the valley,
chainsaws roar like banshees lacerated by laryngitis.
“You’re going the wrong way,”
say mist shrouded cliff faces
painted red and black with torn corpses.
Landslide scarred trails
as coiled as suspension springs
guard windswept summits.
Nine inch thorns lurk in wheel ruts.
Weary travelers ascend on foot.

Before a hearth as old as mastery of fire
they mistake mischievous fungus
for a familiar delicacy.
Ceilings become floors
and the walls gateways to sensations
more familiar to bat scorpions
politely sipping the blood of platypus platoons.
The weary wanderers see the universe
through the eyes of supernovae,
and goblins on toad back
in the marshes of Merble.

In this enchanted hovel,
the five senses are merely the opening line
of an epic.

2 thoughts on “More

  1. I liked “trails as coiled as suspension springs” and that misty cliff faces tell you you’re going the wrong way. Does “the wanderers” include the foot sloggers and the people in vehicles? Would “bat squadrons” be a better fit, militarily, with “platypus platoons”?

    1. Which would be better militarily, bat and scorpion hybrids or platypus like creatures? If they’re anything like Earth platypuses they would be far more formidable than bat/scorpion hybrids in the water at least. Platypuses are venemous too, more venemous than some species of scorpions. Maybe the platypus like creatures the drug affected wanderers saw are millions of times the size of the so called bat scorpions as well. Ability wise there might be no comparison whatsoever between these visionary creatures and their Earthly namesakes. The wanderers might be peering into a dimension where creatures that vaguely resemble platypuses are more dangerous than tyrannosaurus rexs, due to being the size of dolphins, smarter than Leonardo da Vinci, more aggressive than tiger sharks and capable of tekekinesis and pyrokinesis etc

      Nobody in the poem is in a vehicle. The wheel ruts are just evidence that vehicles have been in the area before.

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