The kettle is hotter than lava.
and her pillow still warm.
Upon a coffee table as utilitarian as a cardboard box,
Morning Glory protrudes from a 1915 Coca Cola bottle.
Washington damning headlines
are as moist as the President’s eyes.
An abandoned chess match dominates the kitchen bench.
There’s puddles in the potplants.
The surveillance swarm can’t tell the eight ball
from the white.
Airport, bus terminal, taxi stand, car rental agency?
Which drain could could the whistleblower be navigating
like an Einsteinian rat?
Which forest swamp might she be drifting through
on a camouflaged barge?
Nobody knows which escape roulette to vet.

2 thoughts on “Gone

  1. I took this to mean that a woman has left home suddenly, without warning, looking for some sort of escape. I liked the kettle being hotter than lava. I hesitated over “the president”, wondering the president of what? But I decided it must be “of the USA”.

    1. She is a journalist, or a whistleblower, who has published stories with revelations that make the president weep. That’s why she is under surveillance and so much has been invested in finding her immediately. I will make some slight changes to make that more apparent.

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