The Poet’s Journey

Be who you are, be what you are,
until the door of miracles is ajar.

With Earth’s cumbersome languages,
you chase the soul’s beauty,
like a wounded warrior
on the mighty jaguar’s trail.

Realising millennia of global acclaim
is less than plankton in fame’s ocean,
fails to curb your boundless devotion.

Poet, lament, invent, soak society,
with a shrewd arsenal of adjectives
and a voracious appetite for variety.

Be who you are, be what you are,
until the door of miracles is ajar.

2 thoughts on “The Poet’s Journey

  1. This was a good poem. I liked the way it ended exactly as it had begun. Suggestion: Do you need the second verse? It took away from what went before and what came after. I had to read it twice to try and absorb the images, which stopped flow of the poem.

    1. The second stanza is an integral part of the poem because it discusses the difficulty involved in articulating complex emotions etc. The wounded warrior hunting the jaguar symbolizes the writer’s dogged determination to depict the soul’s beauty as vividly, emphatically and accurately as possible. The hunt itself, opposed to the effort involved in the writing process, is not necessarily beautiful. It could be as ugly as killing. By writing the poem, the poet moves from an ugly place to a beautiful place. The wounded warrior represents trauma and hunting the jaguar symbolizes confronting and dealing with the cause of the trauma. Basically the poet is dredging up life’s ugliest moments and loosening their grip on him or her. Ultimately a misery, fear, resentment and rage filled perspective is replaced with one of acceptance, peace and serenity. Maybe, once the poem has been finished, the writer hasn’t arrived at that better place but hopefully they’re further along the road to it. Transforming disturbing memories into healthy ones is one way of interpreting the chase for the soul’s beauty and another is filling a void. If literally killed, a jaguar could obviously satisfy physical hunger. If symbolically killed, the jaguar could represent a source of emotional nourishment.

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