Larry said he could leave his body and return,
as easily as leaves trapped in a furnace burn.
Materialist researchers, sneered at his claim
they were as biased as Ku Klux Klan leaders
employed as judges in Harlem.

While the doubters gloated,
Larry’s etheric body floated.
The live telecast cut to a commercial,
for the latest waste of special effects,
Zombie Androids versus Dracula.

Larry’s physical self
was confined to a strait jacket.
A battalion of cameras guarded the target,
nineteen storeys above.
Teams of detectives, magicians
and celebrity cynics,
searched for deception.

Larry spoke up.
“I saw a waxwork likeness of Salvador Dali,
with a turtle/baboon version of a Centaur,
tattooed on his shaved head.
Miniaturised goblins hung
from his handlebar moustache.
He was driving a camel powered pumpkin carriage,
while reading the Braille edition
of the Portable Atheist.

“Pure guesswork” Larry’s critics scoffed.

4 thoughts on “O.B.E

    1. An O.B.E is an out of body experience. In the third line it mentions that it’s an experiment. It’s unfortunate that straitjackets evoke thoughts of mental illness. They haven’t been used to restrain psychiatric patients for several decades, because they’re considered to be a form of torture. Out of body experiences, otherwise known as astral projection, is a topic that attracts plenty of close mind believers and close minded sceptics, along with unbiased truth seekers. If you Google “is there any evidence for out of body experiences” you will find some interesting articles.

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