Journey Home

On the train,
Damo regaled me with tales
of taming tantrum throwing Taipans,
at Tenant Creek.
At the station nothing tamed the breeze.
The old ladies Weight Watchers have given up on
cackled at the visual Chernobyl of their billowing skirts.

My short cut
through the storm water drain
was cut short,
by a Tiger Snake sunning itself
on a trickle of washing machine dregs.
Its scales shone like a sky overcrowded with suns.

The serpent never shifted its meandering pose.
The guest list of flies on its ectothermic panels
was more exclusive than a party on a space station,
so presumably it was alive.

Perhaps the possibility of a frog
was the reason it remained as still
as the concrete beneath its belly.

My short cut down the laneway was cut short.
A girl in a bright pink bikini top dropped her towel.
Her delicious derriere was adorned with black satin,
as thin as the skin on my wide bright eyes.
Her enchanting cascade of golden blonde hair
slow danced with floral perfume scented air.
The blonde enchantresse’s girlfriend looked so dangerous
I wish I’d taken my chances with the Tiger Snake.
She pursued me over fences.
The wooden ones, with rotten palings,
she ran through them.
“Roxy, you know blood gives me nightmares,”
her bikini clad Goddess yelled.
“Roxy, running makes me sweaty” she pleaded.

My short cut through the pub was cut short.
A herd of bikies confused me
with someone they yearned to demolish.
Damo wandered in,
armed with the Tiger Snake.
Suddenly the leather bound goliaths
had a more urgent mission elsewhere.
Damo was too focused
on the sumptuous raven haired lookalikes,
behind the bar,
to notice he’d saved my life.
His reputation preceded him.
“Oh my God, it’s the Snake Man” they chorused.

Are you looking at my girlfriend,
a familiar voice boomed.
Had Damo’s short cut to heaven been cut short?
“I didn’t notice her” he pleaded his innocence.
“You’re ignoring my girlfriend then”
the mixed martial arts madwoman admonished.
“Would you like to pat my snake” Damo offered.
“What a cutie, such adorable fangs”
the crew cut version of Xena Warrior Princess crooned,
forgetting her fixation on annihilation.
I slunk away without delay.

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