You plunged into the breakers
like a hurdling hydrofoil.
No shark ever hunted a seal,
with the intensity you chased tennis balls.

After a month of fishing in a wheelbarrow,
you never did figure out the splashes
were from dripping guttering;
so it’s no surprise
being kicked in the head by a horse
failed to make you any dopier
than you already were.

You’ve been plucked from canals.
and survived a Red Belly Black attack
by biting that rampant reptile in half.
What a striver, what a survivor,
and at the scent of food,
or anything vaguely resembling it,
what a furry reservoir of saliva.
How many metres of carpet was it
that we hauled from your arse?

What a striver, what a survivor!
Eventually though, every dog has to die,
take a trip to the Pet Barn in the sky.

2 thoughts on “Woofy

  1. I liked this. I’m glad I’ve never owned a dog like poor Woofy, though. Loved “furry reservoir of saliva” and that sharks didn’t scare him off chasing the ball.

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