Trees shields the river from civilization.
Stress vanishes
in the sun caressed shallows
of a Jurassic lake.
Urban chaos
feels as distant as the Oort Cloud.

A lone hut looms
on a desolate, windswept horizon.
Within its mud brick walls,
blazing fires
suck the swamp from our boots.
The midnight gale
howls like a dingo.
Tibetan singing bowls
complement distant thunder.

My eyelids are as heavy
as oars
in the vastest ocean
and my dreams as psychedelic
as the sixties.

Miles deeper than sunlight can penetrate,
luminescent seaweed jungles innovate.
Their symphonic hues spread as they vibrate.
These orchestral visions we cannot recreate.

It’s the purest paradise Earthlings have seen,

viewed from the boudoir of your submarine.
Only the euphoric expression on your face,
outshines mysteries enshrined in this place.


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