The Wrath of Erskine Jay Magoo

I was shown a thing or ten about fondling and beyond
by Cassandra Sapphire Parella, a statuesque blonde,
with the sweetest chest morsels either side of the pond.

Then she married bondage guru, Erskine Jay Magoo,

that guy lived to discipline her with Bernard Bamboo
and give tips on technique while his disciples did too.

Cassandra still wanted my mushroom tipped rocket.

Her alleged free love hubby said he’d steal and hock it.

A text message mutilation threat is a prior confession,

but ‘jail’s Erskine’s free hotel and he loves aggression.’

I haven’t seen Cassandra since Erskine met her, it’s true,
but facts mean nothing if you’re a twit looking for a blue.

Rumours of Cassandra and Conor Mcgregor’s love child,

proved real danger renders Mister Magoo meek and mild.

* In Australian slang, a blue is a fight,


Rogerio Silva

Claudia, Sit Portrait, Graphite B3

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