I Admit it, it was I, DwiteDaSpriteKnight

‘I rolled the Pope Mobile
because a keg of holy water
failed to cure my sunburn.
Then I decapitated one hundred and seven
Ronald Macdonald statues,
I smashed those smiling blood haired freaks.
Who can justify those aberrations occupying public space?
Four confectionary cafes, I bombed them,
junk food is dangerous.
On my way here I turned Spice World into a firecracker.
I mean that awful pop music movie,
not the shop Father!
I’d water down the blood of Christ if I were you.’

‘Sir this is an R.B.T unit,
not a mobile confessional booth.
You’ll be accompanying me to the station for a blood test.’

‘Why don’t you get your blood tested
by Xavier and Bond like me sergeant?
Besides you’re a big boy now aren’t you?
Surely you don’t need someone to hold your hand.
Have health and safety fads robbed you of your gonads?
If you were a boat, I doubt you could you cross a moat
guarded by the shadows of retreating tadpoles.

‘The blood test is for you sir!’

“Why, you haven’t even breathe tested me yet?
Father, if these police officer fantasies persist,
you should seek professional help


Code 3 Full LED light bar HB 203 by Highway Patrol images


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