Rock Spider Demolition Militia

Impale the paedophiles,
Bill Henson
should be hung, drawn and quartered,
nudity is evil,
nuke the cherubs,
stone Anne Geddes,
their misspelt placards roar.

A visiting criminologist speaks.
“Not all arsonists are pyromaniacs
and not all pyromaniacs are arsonists.
Are all child molesters paedophiles
and all paedophiles child molesters?”

The lynch mob’s gaze is more wary
than a hashish biscuit eating contestant
in a spy thriller.
They are appalled, Jay is a thinker.
Didn’t Gertie say he was a drinker?

Hershel exploded
“All paedophiles should be blindfolded,
and peeking to cross the road
made a violation of their parole.
My Torana will strike like a piranha!”
“I’ll second that” Shazza spat.

“Storm the church, a military incursion
will annihilate this horrific perversion!
The solutions aren’t remotely linked
to fathoming such a warped instinct!”

“Knowledge is key” Jay announced.
Thanks to lust for vengeful murder
careful logic was savagely trounced.

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