Would You Like Coffee in Your Tequila

Constantine’s terrified, tortured liver
is under siege from an ethanol river.
He’s converted his laundry into a brewery.
The old geezer’s backyard distillery
is flanked by beer can pyramids
as legendary as Giza.
His wine rack has more shelves
than the Library of Congress.
He lists vodka, whisky, Cognac
and bourbon as separate hobbies
and gets angry when you tell him
a flagon of rum after breakfast
is neither normal, nor the best way
to prepare for the daily commute.
Constantine piled his zombie movie collection
into the bathtub, to create shelf space
for beer commercial compilations.
He believes the legal limit is 5%.
Alcohol from specimen jars in the museum
disappeared the same night
his local bottle shops went on strike,
but he’s not an alcoholic, just ask him.

2 thoughts on “Would You Like Coffee in Your Tequila

  1. Would You Like Coffee started off as a rhyming poem. The first two lines had real rhythm but then it changed to free verse, which was 98 per cent of the poem. Should it all be free verse? It jarred when it changed.

    1. The rhyming couplet was intentional. After giving it some thought, I agree that opening with the rhyming couplet leads to a jarring effect afterwards. Perhaps the latest edit is more to your liking.

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